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IMCS Webinar: The Game Changers in Consulting (14 July 2020)

Management consulting is a global profession that is facing disruption in many ways. In this session, we will explore the source of some of these disruptors and the impact on management consultants and their clients. The global pandemic has demonstrated to all of us how vulnerable we are to disruption. Just a few months ago, no one would have predicted such global upheaval to economies around the world. It has also created a situation where disruptors that were known in 2019 have accelerated the pace of change. As management consultants, we need to work to reinforce our role as trusted objective advisors to clients to be able to support them through the turbulent times ahead.

The speakers, Dwight Mihalicz (Chair, ICMCI) and Reema Nasser (Executive Director, ICMCI) will provide an overview of the major disruptors impacting the profession of management consulting and provide some insights into how we can prepare as a profession for the future.

Download presentation slides here

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