Institute of Management Consultants (Singapore)

A professional body representing management consultants in Singapore
Est. 1992
IMCS is accredited as a
certification body to ISO/IEC 17024: 2012

IMCS is accredited as a
certification body to ISO/IEC 17024: 2012

A Member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes

Reciprocal recognition with 50 countries worldwide


IMCS is accredited as a
certification body to ISO/IEC 17024: 2012

Certified Management Consultant:
A Global Mark of Distinction and Excellence

Is it time to renew your TR43 Management Consultant Certification

Is it time to renew your TR43 Management Consultant Certification

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The Institute of Management Consultants (Singapore) (IMCS) is a professional body representing management consultants in Singapore. We promote the skills and knowledge of management consultancy, and adoption of the highest standards of conduct by management consulting profession. We support the professional development of management consultants through our membership services, training and certification programmes.

IMCS is a Member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI).

RMC (Registered Management Consultant) is an Enterprise Singapore-recognised certification programme for management consultants aligned to TR 43:2015 Management Consultants Standard. It aims to recognise skills, knowledge and competency in the field of management consultancy, and promote high standards of professional and ethical conduct by Registered Management Consultants of the management consulting profession.

The Certified Management Consultant™ (CMC®) mark is an international professional certification for management consultants who have achieved a level of performance that includes professional standards in technical competency and ethics, and global standards in consulting competencies, professional behaviour, client and project management, and personal conduct.

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Get certified as a RMC (Registered Management Consultant), an Enterprise Singapore-recognised certification programme for management consultants, or as a CMC (Certified Management Consultant), an international certification recognised in over 50 countries.

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Interview with our RMCs – Mr Jacob Tan

In this series, we talk to our Registered Management Consultants (RMCs) to find out how they have been able to make a difference to their client’s businesses and capability upgrading. We talk to Mr Jacob Tan, who is currently a director in the Human Capital Solutions at Aon, and why did he decided to become an RMC. 1. Hi Jacob! Can you please introduce yourself? I’m Jacob Tan and I work at Aon, which is a multinational corporation listed in US and headquartered in London.  Part of our business is on human capital solutions and I specialise in executive compensation and corporate governance in Southeast Asia. I advise management and boards on how to pay people, how much to pay, and what to pay for in terms of key performance indicators (KPIs) and linkage to compensation. 2. Why do you choose to get yourself certified as an RMC? Clients that I work with include STI30 listed companies to small start-ups that are fast growing. There is an increasing demand from start-ups and SMEs to formalise and professionalise their human capital processes and manage human capital better, especially now that the talent market is so competitive.  At the same time, they are concerned about cash conservation. Even though they are growing, they may not have the revenue stream or are not profitable yet. So, they are very cautious in terms of how they spend money.  As such, the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) is something that is very appealing and many company owners want to tap on it to improve their human capital practices.  Hence, I became an RMC as it was one of the requirements to assist them with their EDG project. 3. How was the journey like to be qualified as an RMC? Was it challenging? I went through the “experienced consultant” track and I find the course to he be more of a refresher of the fundamentals of consulting.  One thing I found interesting was the diverse group that was with me- all of us specialise in very different subject matters.  I took my course right after the Circuit-breaker and due to safety measures, opportunities to network were unfortunately limited. It was a pity as I feel that the exposure would have been interesting! 4. Would you recommend IMCS to others for RMC certification? If yes, why? For individuals or boutique consulting firms, I will definitely recommend getting RMC certified because you will be in a position to service a lot of SMEs out there, which need help from quality consultants.  Becoming certified as an RMC will not only give you that validation but also allows you to be the lead consultant for EDG projects, which is undoubtedly useful! Being an RMC is also being a part of a larger professional community. Most of us are specialists in a certain topic. This network however, allows us to widen our network, which in turn, helps us to be able to advise clients on more issues. Being an RMC is more than just a certification. It is also a mark of quality and professionalism which promotes high standards of professional and ethical conduct. It demonstrates your experience, competence, professionalism and enhance your professional image with your clients. Join us today at

IMCS signs MOU with SPEC (14 Jan 2021)

IMCS signed an MOU with the Singapore Professionals’ and Executives’ Co-Operative Limited (SPEC) in an effort to facilitate PMEs to transit into a career in management consulting through training, advisory and certification. Part of the inititive is a 3-Day Management Consulting Course supported by SkillsFuture Credit and NTUC’s Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP). The MOU was signed by IMCS President Lydia Goh and SPEC Chairman Allen Pathmarajah on 14 January 2021. During the ceremony, both parties discussed other possible areas of collaborations which draw on the diverse talents of members from both organisations.

IMCS signs MoU with NTUC U Associate (11 Aug 2020)

IMCS and NTUC signed an MoU today at the NTUC HQ. IMCS was represented by Lydia GOH, IMCS President and Dr Adrian Chew, Vice President, while NTUC was represented by Melvin Yong, NTUC Assistant Secretary-General, Angeline Lee, Deputy Director, U Associate and Jonathan Wu, Manager, U Associate. Under the MoU, IMCS becomes the newest U Associate of NTUC. Both parties will work together on various initiatives including helping PMEs to transit to a management consulting career through training and certification, and supporting companies through consultancy assistance.

IMCS Webinar: The Game Changers in Consulting (14 July 2020)

Management consulting is a global profession that is facing disruption in many ways. In this session, we will explore the source of some of these disruptors and the impact on management consultants and their clients. The global pandemic has demonstrated to all of us how vulnerable we are to disruption. Just a few months ago, no one would have predicted such global upheaval to economies around the world. It has also created a situation where disruptors that were known in 2019 have accelerated the pace of change. As management consultants, we need to work to reinforce our role as trusted objective advisors to clients to be able to support them through the turbulent times ahead. The speakers, Dwight Mihalicz (Chair, ICMCI) and Reema Nasser (Executive Director, ICMCI) will provide an overview of the major disruptors impacting the profession of management consulting and provide some insights into how we can prepare as a profession for the future. Download presentation slides here