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New Management Council for 2020-2021

The Institute holds an election of IMCS holds an election of office bearers and member of the Management Council every two years.

The election of the Council for the 2-year term beginning 1 January 2020 was held at the Institute’s Annual General Meeting on 26 December 2019.  The Institute received 12 nominations, filling all vacant spots on the Council. According to the Institute constitution, the following office bearers and members have been elected to the Council for a 2020-2021 term:

Ms Lydia GohPresident
Dr Adrian ChewVice President
Mr Kelvin ChanHonorary Secretary
Mr Jayapal RamasamyHonorary Treasurer
Dr Teo Cheng SweeCouncil Member
Mr Chan Veng SengCouncil Member
Mr Victor KohCouncil Member
Mr PK LimCouncil Member
Mr Lim Song JooCouncil Member
Mr Edward WongCouncil Member
Ms Serene OngCouncil Member
Ms Yulia SaksenCouncil Member

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