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RMC Management Consulting Fast-Track Course

The RMC Management Consulting Fast-Track Course is developed in compliance with TR43 Management Consultant Standard with the objective to prepare applicants for RMC certification. The course is specially designed to:

  • Meet the needs of busy professionals who wants flexibility in learning by spending shorter class room hours to get professional guidance from professional facilitators and at the same time willing to perform their own self-study to further enhance their knowledge immediately after the course, before sitting for the RMC exam.
  • Meet the needs of candidates intending to understand the knowledge and skills requirements for achieving the Registered Management Consultant (RMC) certification.
  • Understand the standards of competence in areas that confers upon the participant an accredited status of having achieved the requisite quality of knowledge and skills relating to professional management consulting.

The 1-day course will cover the following topics:

  • Business of Management Consulting
  • Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct
  • Management Consulting Process
  • Closure and Managing Client-Consultant Relationships

Topics that are included for Self-Study Guide include:

  • The Practice of Management Consulting
  • RMC Code of Professional Conduct
  • The Consulting Process
  • Ongoing Consulting Activities
  • Consulting Tools and Techniques

To qualify for the award of the RMC Management Consulting Fast-Track Course Certificate. Full attendance is compulsory. This is an optional course for applicants with 8 years or more in consulting experience or for those applicants who opt to attend the alternative 3-day RMC Management Consulting Course.Please contact the RMC Secretariat at secretariat@imcsingapore.com for course schedules and brochures

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